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Jour J - 10

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" - Ecoute, je sais le genre de soupe sentimentaliste qu'est ma poésie, et je sais le genre de chierie machiste que constitue ma prose (je suis aussi bidon que ma foldingue de mère), mais j'ai appris des choses durant ces derniers mois de folie... "


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Remise à niveau (english) #85



Robert Boyle's wish-list (1660)


The Prolongation of Life.
The Recovery of Youth, or at least some of the Marks of it, as new Teeth, new Hair colour’d as in youth.
The Art of Flying....
The Art of Continuing long under water, and exercising functions freely there.
The Cure of Wounds at a Distance.
The Cure of Diseases at a distance or at least by Transplantation.
The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions.
The Emulating of Fish without Engines by Custome and Education only.
The Acceleration of the Production of things out of Seed.
The Transmutation of Metalls.
The makeing of Glass Malleable.
The Transmutation of Species in Mineralls, Animals, and Vegetables.
The Liquid Alkaest and Other dissolving Menstruums.
The making of Parabolicall and Hyperbolicall Glasses.
The making Armor light and extremely hard.
The practicable and certain way of finding Longitudes.
The use of Pendulums at Sea and in Journeys, and the Application of it to watches.
Potent Druggs to alter or Exalt Imagination, Waking, Memory, and other functions, and appease pain, procure innocent sleep, harmless dreams, etc.
A Ship to saile with All Winds, and A Ship not to be Sunk.
Freedom from Necessity of much Sleeping exemplify’d by the Operations of Tea and what happens in Mad-Men.
Pleasing Dreams and physicall Exercises exemplify’d by the Egyptian Electuary and by the Fungus mentioned by the French Author.
Great Strength and Agility of Body exemplify’d by that of Frantick Epileptick and Hystericall persons.
A perpetuall Light.
Varnishes perfumable by Rubbing




Sous le sapin...


David Lynch et sa trompette

et un autre cadeau qui ne sera pas revendu dès le 25 sur "leboncoin"...

david lynch,noël



Prix Kowalski

Prix Kowalski

- Ce matin, j'ai eu entre les mains les recueils retenus pour le prix Kowalski des lycéens.
- C'est un prix de poésie ?
- C'est ça.
- Et alors ? Cette sélection ?
- Non, rien.



Remise à niveau (english) #82